Yesterday afternoon, for the first time since the end of June, we were treated to full cloud cover.  There was even an interval of rolling thunder but the rain failed except for a few pathetic drops.  This accompanies ever-so-slightly easing temps — we had lows in the high 70s twice this week, and on two afternoons the mercury stopped just short of 90. It’s cloudy again today, with a less-than-even chance of rain but the wind, which came up yesterday, has stalled once more.

Still, the edge is off of the searing heat we were experiencing when I wrote the last post, and we’re breathing sighs of relief.

Holiday-making continues at not-quite full intensity as well. A couple of folks have returned to work but 6 of the 8 units in this building are still full, as well as the rental unit in the next building, and last night was the loudest we’ve experienced this summer.  Apparently a couple of the girls in the complex have discovered they can scream, and they find it hilarious to shriek at the tops of their lungs at any opportunity. Things quieted down about 11 (as opposed to midnight or later a couple of weeks ago) but it was a long 3 or 4 hours.

The considerable mass of this building has stored enough heat that it remains a constant 84 degrees in the apartment.  That felt stifling when it was near 100 outside but being able to move to cooler temps outdoors makes all the difference.

It’s downhill and shady from here, and the tension that results from being constantly stressed is abating.  We’re looking forward to the next month.

2 thoughts on “Clouds!

  1. Good to hear that you are experiencing a bit cooler weather. Your comments also reflect our first summer in NC. We always thought that the heat and humidity of the DC area were stifling (and they are!), but we have literally sizzled here. It’s been hot everywhere, but we are surprised at just how warm it has been. The big difference I have noticed is the sun is much stronger here. We are treated to bright blue sky (no haze), but the sun’s intensity is very strong. Running has been a challenge. There are no hills where we live, but also little shade. So, my running routine has gotten earlier in the day all summer long. That being said, we continue to be happy with our new home and community. When are you and Sue returning to the states? We would love to see you. Tomorrow we leave for 10 days out west. We’re going back to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. The temps there will be in the 40s in the morning…quite a change for sure!

  2. The sun here is also a big part of the summer experience. Standing in the midday summer sun is to remember that the big ball of fire in the sky is actually a continuing thermonuclear explosion. Absent the humidity of DC, and with a little bit more southern latitude, it feels very direct and, for me, painful — exposed skin feels prickly, itchy. I’m also impressed by the amount of energy transferred to virtually everything in the environment. On an evening walk, the heat radiating from a concrete sidewalk seems about the same as from an asphalt road surface in DC. It sounds nuts but I even feel heat radiating from the larger trees as I pass. The upside is the clarity and color imparted to the sea, sky, and water. This place helped me understand Van Gogh raving about the light in Arles. Have fun out west!

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