Around and About in Sikya

This is just a photo post — I’ll try to keep the verbiage to a minimum.


I don’t see many sunrises but the night before I shot this the wind was blowing so hard it kept waking me. When I rolled up the front shutters in the morning and saw the sea and sky, I grabbed the camera and hustled down to the beach.



A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to do a photo hike through the Pefkias (pine forest).  Unfortunately, there was a very thick haze over the water, so conditions were pretty tough for photography.  I was lucky that an almost full moon was rising over the Gulf.



I wrapped it up taking photos of the Aleppo pines along the beach.




This is one of the traditional houses of Sikya.  The small, second-floor balcony, the red roof tiles, wooden shutters, and on-the-road siting are very typical of this area.



The main trail through the Pefkias (forgive me if I’ve posted something like this previously):



The little church in the Pefkias. A popular site for weddings.



Trees along the shore in the Pefkias:



The seaside walk in Xylokastro:



Finally, a couple of photos of a wild weather day.  Despite the threatening appearance, I don’t think we got a single drop of rain from that system.




I hope you enjoy these.  The weather continues to be wonderful.  Highs between 68 and 75 most days, and lows are usually about 62.  Twice we’ve had a few drops of rain — not enough to wet the pavement, just enough to make a mess of the windshield.  We’ve had some high winds, though.  The roaring woke us again one night this week.  The snow is virtually gone from the face of Mt. Parnassos that I see from here — the south face.  It seems early for the mountains to be snowfree, and I worry about drought and fire this summer.

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