addendum to A Trip to the Mani

I know food porn is supposed to be out now and we’re not supposed to be snapping photos of our meals but I still really like to look at food pix and I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of shots of the breakfast served to us in our room at the B&B in Aeropoli.


We ordered tea, OJ, plain yogurt, and Mani pitas.  Those are the Mani pitas on the right.  They are simply fried dough and they are outrageous.  The two little cups of honey and the cup of marmalade are for spooning over the pitas.  Which I did — both honey and marmalade.  The orange juice had just been squeezed from local oranges.


Oh, and we asked for fruit with our yogurt.

We skipped lunches, spend the 3 days walking around, and I still gained a pound.  Worth it.

One thought on “addendum to A Trip to the Mani

  1. It all looks delicious! But, I must tell you that Audrey, and now Sophia, are simply “breadaholics, ” if there is such a thing. That fried bread will be a main course, I think. We went to a Greek restaurant in Atlanta, and Sophia consumed most of the bread basket, and said she remembers eating good bread in Greece. Wait until they sample some of the Mani bread…

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