May Day

May Day

As far as I can tell there are no US-style parades here on May 1 and no gratuitous speech-giving about the nobility of work. The communist union held a demonstration at a business they’ve been striking for 6 months but that was it. Mostly folks did what we do on Labor Day — throw some meat on the grill and eat outside. People in the next building put a whole (small) hog on a spit and roasted it in the parking lot. The Gulf’s water is still cool but the air is warm, so there were a few family groups on the beach, with the kids playing in the shallows. It’s also a tradition here to go into the countryside and collect wildflowers on Protomayio. We supported this by denuding the hills above Sikia and coming home to arrange wildflowers in a honey-jar vase, and construct a fairly troubled-looking wildflower wreath. Warm weather and holiday meals: it’s beginning to feel a lot like summer.

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